Oct 6, 2007

Rum and Coke, margarita or....

a glass of Chardonnay. I will take anything right now. I so need something after a hectic day. I am so tired. Instead of going to bed I decided to open the Amex bill today and got a mini stroke. Let me explain something to you here.

Prabu and I believe in gender equality. There is no such thing as "this is your job and not mine" at home for us. When it comes to mail, he checks all the bills and I take care of all the coach and williams-sonoma catalogs. Prabu works really hard to pay the bills and I work equally hard shopping and not looking at any credit card bills.

Since he is not around today, I said to myself, "Let me open it at least once and see how the bill looks like." Very very bad move. Our vegetable and fruit shopping total for 25 days is $400. Please tell me you spend that much a month too so I can sleep at peace tonight. I wish that $400 included wagyu beef or even some black truffles. Nope. Just fruits and vegetables which are priced much lower in this state that in Jersey.

Since I have no afore-mentioned drinks at home, I am just going to get a bowl of extra-rich but low calorie dulce de leche ice cream or as Prabu calls it "Oxi-moron ice cream".

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