May 2, 2007

Doctor's Visit

We took V to his new pediatrician here today. Just wanted to introduce him to the doctor and vice versa. She said he is doing fine. He was all smiles in the exam room. Back home it was a totally different guy. He was cranky all afternoon and it took 2 hours to get him to bed for a one hour nap. Had to sing same lullaby over and over. He's got his songs very set for different things. When we feed him rice cereal, it's one two buckle my shoe or any other English nursery rhyme. For formula, it's classical carnatic song Keraya Neeranu and for sleeping it's the Hindi lullaby, Soja Chanda from the movie Mission Kashmir. Does he know the difference? Yes. Does he make faces when I sing one song instead of the other? Yes. Does he smile and eat the cereal quietly for the nursery rhymes? Yes. So I guess I gotta keep it going. And no, the good thing with kids is that you don't have to be a trained singer. They don't care. They just love to hear your voice just the way it is. No comments made:).

Evening we had Saritha, Somprav and Siddhi for dinner. Siddhi was so cute playing around. Here's a picture of her.

And here are some pictures of daddy and son sorting today's mail.

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