May 1, 2007

V and his toys

So we bought V his first toy today. SO far he was playing with the gifts he received. Here's the weird creature that sings and counts and does what not:). Leapfrog almost makes all parents believe that if you keep buying their age specific toys your kids will just get smarter automatically:). They wish. My boy was more interested in the noise that we made while opening it than the real toy itself. But then again, I haven't come across a kid yet who is interested more in the toy than the empty box at this age:).

Also, wanna know what happens when you watch world cup soccer when you are pregnant? You will end up with a kid, who picks up the toy we give him and throws at his feet and kicks it and laughs. V thinks it's so funny to kick stuff. He thinks blankets are for kicking too and not covering. Oh well!

One more thing about V ( Paati is going to be so happy reading all these things about him). Since we started rice cereal he's been good eating. He is slowly starting to grab things and mess around, so this is what you get when you try to feed him now a days.

He gives my mom a look of triumph that he grabbed the spoon from her hands.

And then he pauses to give me a pose for the camera.

And finally grandma and grandson have a tug of war for that darn spoon.

Take a guess as to who won ;).

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