May 7, 2007

Epic Post

Haven't updated in few days, so thought I would keep you guys up with what's happening. Chaitu came in on friday evening and spent the weekend with us. We dragged him for house hunting on saturday. As soon as we walk into the first model house he says, "Oh! you have to get that pool and how much does that cost?", second house: "So pool is included or no?". We had to smack him and say, "Could you please get away from that darn pool? Look at the house first and we will come back to pool later." Then he understood we were there to see the houses and not just the pool. Oh men!

Thanks to each and everyone who called, mailed, sang and texted me birthday wishes:). It felt good:). I have said this many a times before but nothing wrong in writing it here so some day V will read this and know exactly what his mama wants on her birthday. Honey, whatever its is you do make sure mom has a gift box to open. She loves to open gifts:). So Here's what happened on Cinco De Mayo ( which also happens to be my b'day). V decided to wish me Happy Birthday exactly at 12 in the night by crying for milk. Well thank you very much hon:).

In the morning, after having breakfast and reading the greeting cards from V, Prabu and the familia we headed out to see houses. Window shopping:). Then we had Thai take out for lunch and Prabu made chicken curry and rice for dinner. It was nice over all. Someone asked me how I felt since it's my first birthday as a mother. No different. However, next year though, I am taking V out to party with me:). I love birthday hooplas:). Gotta train him young;). Here are some pictures.

Here are couple of new things V started doing. He started blowing raspberries:). And sticking his tongue out. He is too funny.

Since his doctor told us we can start on stage 1 fruits and vegetables we got some of them. Chaitu mama thought applesauce would be nice. Err No:). This is what you get when you try to feed him that.

Babloo and Julie were here yesterday. We hung out, had lunch, went to the pool, enjoyed the hot tub. Julie taught me basics of swimming. Yes, I am Sowjanya and I don't know how to swim. LOL. I am learning:). I also need to learn how to drive a manual car. Whoever invented those things. Why would I want to make my life harder when there is an easy solution for everything (Can I get some cheese with that whine?)?

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