May 9, 2007

Wiggle Giggle

V that is. He figured out how to use his head and butt to move around and we leave him one corner of the room and he shows up at the other corner withing 3 minutes. He is not crawling yet, he just wiggles his way out and turns back and gives us a smile. He thinks he is being funny. And we try to put him to bed by patting and singing and he does the same to us. He keeps patting our hand. Prabu thinks it's not that's he is actually patting us, it's just that he is trying to tell us that he won't sleep no matter how much we try because he is just not ready:).

Prabu and I went out for dinner tonight while mom and dad babysat V. We went to Maggianos. What can I say? I am a sucker for Italian food.

No pictures today. V's been getting very cranky lately when it comes to trying to put him to bed. It's becoming a big chore:). I know what you all are thinking: You haven't seen nothin' yet.

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