May 28, 2007

Long Weekend

I know I have been MIA for few days. I will try and make it up:). We went to Grand Canyon on Saturday with V. It was also a trip for meeting Manga Aunty and family who came to Minneapolis to visit Gopi. Mom and I packed some lunch and off we went. By the time we came home it was 12.30 in the night. Prabu did a good job driving ( gotta give the guy credit somewhere once in a while;)). It was V's first long drive and I think he did ok . He did get cranky in between but not too bad. Every time he would get cranky, we take the camera out and he is all smiles.

Here are some pictures. And no, no one got hurt when the 6 month old took to driving;).

1 comment:

Lakshmi said...

bewutiful pictures. beautiful family, with the charmer V.

V is a real charmer. God bless him.
Love to read ur blog. keep it up.
Lakshmi Dodda