May 19, 2007

House Hunting - Part Deux

"That house is wayyyy out of our budget"
"What IS our budget?"
"You need a GPS to go through that house"
"Why are we looking at them then?"
"You are such a miser"
"You are such a spendthrift"
"Want some cheese with that whine?"

-So that's usually how our conversations are coming down to now a days when we go out looking for houses:). Prabu and I start the day nicely looking at these gorgeous model homes and then slowly, the heat gets to us and we end up being mean to each other ( Heat is just one of the excuse. We take anything;)). But honestly, we are just taking our time. Market is looking good for buyers as of yet and we are playing the waiting game at this point, even though I would like a commitment soon.

We had a nice friday night yesterday. Sarita and Somprav hosted dinner for us, Monica and Pallav, Amrish, Parul and their baby girl Anvi. Sarita made an awesome dinner and we had a great time with everyone. By the time we got home it was 2 am. Since we live 2 apartments from them, we didn't get stuck in any traffic:).

V says hi to everyone:). He wants ya'll to know he helps his appa with sorting the mail we get everyday by eating the junk mail;).

That's for tonight. Not much going on in "fee-nicks". Since V is asleep, I am just gonna go watch me some Iron Chef.

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