May 29, 2007

It's not about the Indian stores

It's more about the fact that I feel like NJ is my hometown. Now to all of you rolling your eyes and saying, "Oh please, you weren't even born here.", as my friend Patti says, "too bad, so sad" you think that way but that's just how I feel;). I really just miss the people, the roads, the familiarity of it all:). It's been exactly a month to today that I came to "fee-nicks" and I still miss NJ. Oh well! I will get over it soon and this feeling too shall pass:)

Prabu and I went out for dinner to his colleagues place last night along with V. He was a very well behaved kid. Let's see how this "well behaved kid" phase lasts. My bet is for one more month and after that I see a brat in making. Right now, he is at a stage where he is not ready to crawl but goes to place sin the room with just rolling from one end to the other end. He wants things that he cannot have ( just like his momma;)).

Ravana Dodda ( mom's sister) is here from Seattle, so V is gonna be double pampered between both the grandmas. We heard from India that Mom's older sister is now doing better. She had a sun stroke and is in the hospital right now but doing better now. She should be able to go home in couple of days.

I updated the recipe blog with some random thoughts. Will be adding couple more recipes soon.

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