May 3, 2007

Email? TV? anything else?

V loves to read my emails and check out what I am writing in the blog. Prabu is right now sitting next to me playing with him and trying to show him his toys and stuff but nope. My boy just loves my laptop. We already stopped watching TV, thanks to the little one but now cannot read email without him wanting to see what it is we are doing.

I took him along with me to the fitness center in our community. He loved it cause there were TV's all over and even if I tried to get him to face me he was still happy because he could watch Tv through the mirrors that were there all over the walls. Had to cut the rounds short and just walk him around the pool.

I made Shrimp Scampi with angel hair pasta tonight. It came out awesome. I know, I know. People who usually cook don't like what they do but sorry you got the wrong girl. There are days I don't like stuff I create but usually I love me my cooking:).

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vishytheking said...

happy birthday sowjanya..

with love

vishy/ kalyani / janani