Apr 18, 2007

Alrighty then.....

I am leaving NJ in 3 days and I am having bouts of sadness, frustration, depression and what not. I sooo wanted to just take the car out and drive around my Livingston campus and college avenue and just go see Rutgers once. I might just do it before Sunday. Then one day when V is old enough, I will bring him down and show where his mommy went to school.

And my buddy Jay is threatening to not come back from his vacation in Germany cause I am moving away from NJ. Dude, come back, we can fly back and forth from AZ to NJ but I don't think we can fly back and forth from Germany to here easily:).

Not to make this post sound too depressing, here is something to look and laugh at. I assure you no one got hurt and everyone's eye vision is good;).

Ok blogger is acting weird and wouldn't let me add the picture directly here. But follow this and have a chuckle.

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