Apr 23, 2007

We are here

We reached late last night to Phoenix. Many of you wondered how V was and how did with him on the flight. He was SO SO SO SO good. How good you may ask? Here is an example: I was waiting with him near baggage claim while mom, dad and Prabu were looking for the suitcases. A lady walks by me and says, "Were you on this plane with this baby?" I said yes thinking, did I forget something. She says, "You have such a good kid. I didn't hear a peep from him. Didn't even realize he was on the plane". I smiled and said thanks:). He really was that good. No crying, no fussing. Mom and I had his ears covered with the infant plugs, made sure he was sucking onto something while take off and landing and he just slept all the way down till we reached home. We came home and he gave Prabu a smile and went back to sleep:)(I had to brag). Saritha sent us awesome food which I ate because it was too good to resist.

Mom and I spent the day getting the kitchen stuff out of the boxes and setting it up. We the took V out for a nice walk. Weather is not bad today. Heard it's going to start getting worse. I still feel like I am here on a vacation and I am leaving for Jersey pretty soon. I keep forgetting that I am here to settle down and I came on a one-way ticket:). We are planning to go house hunting this weekend. Wish us luck:)

I also made quick dinner just because we didn't feel like eating out. V didn't geta hang of the 3 hour time difference yet. Forget the baby, mom, dad and I still didn't get used to it. We had lunch at 10am because we were starving:). I think it will take a day or two.

Now that I am here, I am slowly starting to feel home sick. How do I know? Like this:
"So there are no Wegmans around huh Prabs", " So I have to pay $4 for a pound of lentils. In Jersey we can get it for $2 at the Indian store". "No Halal meat stores around." If I continue like this for couple more days, I have a feeling Prabu is gonna pack me up and send me back. lol.

Before I say goodnight, here is my boy on his first plane ride.

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