Apr 30, 2007

One Size does not fit all

Especially when it comes to raising kids. Prabu and I knew this when we decided to have kids, so this is not some sort of surprise for us but it's interesting to see how different every other day is with V. One day you think you got a nice routine going with him and for him but the next day you know he threw the routine out the window:). It's still all good:). He is teething and getting cranky in the evenings we thought.

Today we realized he is not very happy when Prabu and I go out leaving him with grandma and grandpa. From the first time we started going out leaving him at home we always told him that we were going out and that we would be back in such and such time. Whether, he understood it or not in those early days, we still made it a point to kinda talk to him about it. So even though we are still doing it and now I feel he understands us but he's just getting naughty now:).

I took bunch of his pictures today and the battery died. I will upload them tomorrow. Have to say though, he sooo knows the camera and how to pose:). Nighty night:).

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