Apr 18, 2007


Leela-isms are what Leela says. She is here today to take pictures with V in her Chinese outfit. While I was helping her to get into her dress and get her hair done, here's our conversation (before I forget).

Leela: This girl is so beautiful sowju pinni (Showing a girl on the coverpage of Newsweek magazine lying on the floor)

Me: Yeah!

L: I was thinking about Princess Diana last night.

M: yeah. What were you thinking sweetie? ( at this point I was so conerned she's gonna ask me something and I wouldn't know how to answer her)

L: She is the only princess with short hair. I don't know any other princesses with short hair. A girl in my class has short hair.

M: Oh ok.

L: But she is not a princess.

I had to change the topic at this point because I was totally at loss for words and had no clue as to if I should tell her if every girl is a princess in their own way or just say "yeah ok".

Anywhoo, I am just gonna upload couple of shots here that I just took.

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