Apr 24, 2007

Organizing - Start young:)

I just wanted to share some thoughts this morning. I was into the toy kitchen and utensils when I was a kid . I would play for hours with those things. The toy fridge, the mixer and what not. I would also spend time trying to fix everything in it's place. I was almost anal about where everything would go:).

So when I am sorting and organizing the kitchen yesterday, I realized I was doing it the way I did as a kid. May be that's where I got my cooking inspiration from too. Why am I telling you all this? It's not so bad to let our kids play with these things . Start them young;). Leela already plays with these things. She calls it "Pretend food". "Would you like some pretend tea with pretend dosas pinni", she asks every time I would go there. You never know how it can help/mold:).

I know what you are thinking. Can you get off the wagon now? I am. Before I sign off here's a quick recipe I made for lunch today.

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