Apr 6, 2007

Boys are coming home

Chaitu is landing tonight and Prabu is coming tomorrow morning. Will get them to start working as soon as they come:). Gotta take revenge now. Come on:)

Today is Lakshmi Attayya's Birthday:). We are all planning to go out for dinner this sunday to celebrate her's and G's birthdays.

I prepared Vegetable Biriyani and Kheema Khichdi. Figured, we would be busy cleaning, packing, sorting stuff tomorrow and day after befor ethe movers arrive on monday, better to keep some food ready. Also, my boys love home cooked food. Chaitu comes home wanting vegetarian dishes because all he eats is meat when he is on his business trips and Prabu loves some food cooked by his lovely wifey ( A.K.A me, just in case you are wondering).

Before I sign off, here's a picture of V I took this morning when he was sleeping in his crib.

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