Apr 28, 2007

I will see your shirt and raise it by 61.

Yup, that's exactly how many dress shirts Prabu has collected over an year. For some of you it might seem lot less but when it looks like we own a store when you walk into that closet, you know it's too much. I was organizing the closet yesterday in our apartment and wanted to just quickly count and boy was I surprised. There are some unopened ones still in the suitcase. I guess he can not complain anymore about my clothes:)

Apart from counting things:), we also went to Indian grocery store yesterday which was a good 30 minute drive from our place. It's a decent sized store but they split it into video rental/groceries/Indian clothes/chaat place which makes it smaller. I was so psyched to see some fresh curry leaves. Picked up 4 packs because that's all they had. We even had chaat there and as Prabu thought it was "amateurish", to which I have to agree. May be I should tell them to hire me. Oh well!

Here's a picture I took of V yesterday. He loves the camera.

I will do another post about what we did today:).

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