Apr 28, 2007

House Hunting - Day 1

"I love that split level home we saw last."
"I like how the laundry room is in the second floor."
"Do you think we can maintain a 4000 Sq.Ft house?"
"You think V would enjoy this kind of pool?"
"I am loving that game room in this model."

aiyayayayaya. Too many choices, too many rooms, too much of everything:). House hunting day 1 was not so bad after all. We actually went to see 4 different builders and their models. They were all nice and unique in their own way and we liked some, disliked some, wanted some. Over all we kinda are getting an idea as to what it is we want and trying to figure out a balance of everything. There's always an in between.

V is teething and he was very cranky in the evening. My cold didn't go away and I have to sneeze in the bathroom because V gets scared every time I sneeze loud:). Poor thing.

We dropped by at Saritha and Somprav's place in the evening and met their cutie pie Siddhi. She wanted to hold V and she was pretending like she was putting moisturizer on him. She was such a doll. They will be done with the move tomorrow. Yayyy! We will have awesome neighbours:).

I heard it flooded again in NJ. How are you guys doing?

I made Spicy Shrimp Curry after we got home. It tasted good and we ate so much that I gotta go sleep before V gets up again. Ciao.

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