Apr 9, 2007

Empty House Full of Memories

All the things have been moved today. Movers came in at 9am and they were gone by 1pm. Very efficient and very fast and great service. There were 5 of them: Joleen, Josh, Mat, Abdul and Will. Joleen took the inventory while the rest of the guys got stuff out of the house and into the truck. Joleen gave us a peek into the front of the truck which had a queen size bed, kitchen, sink and a shower. It was cool:)

After they left, mom, Prabu, V and I came to Chaitu's house and relaxed for a while. Prabu and I went back to do final clean up. It was kinda bitter sweet for us to stand in the master bedroom and look around. 3 years ago we stood in the same room after we got the keys to the house and were so giddy with excitement. That house was a gift to ourselves for our one year anniversary. Well, we are off to make new memories in a new place.

Here are some fun pictures I took today.

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