Apr 1, 2007

Another Weekend:)

Partha and Mou stopped by last night to see Vikram and us, since Mou is also leaving for India next week to finish her PG. She will be back in May as Dr. Mou Sarkar. Cool eh! They will find out tomorrow if they are having a boy or girl. Very exciting.

Garage and second floor packing is done. Mom and I are treating ourselves for dinner. Any ideas as to what we should takeout?

V helped us pack. Here is how he did it. He loved playing in that clothes mound:).

While we were packing I heard my door bell ring and guess who it was. Members of the township council asking to sign apetetion to Recall Ms. Ritchie, a member who is not doing her job right. After I spoke to them and all they left saying "Namaste". I thought it was hilarious. They reminded me of the politicians in India who would come to our house asking for votes and say all nice things to impress us. Oh well he tried!

Mom and I also watched SeethaRama Kalyanam which was made in 1961. It was really fun to watch because mom kept questioning the epic Ramayana. I will give you a snippet. Gauthama Muni's wife is Ahalya. Lord Indra, king of heaven disguises himself as Gautama Muni and sleeps with Ahalya. Mr. G Muni finds out and curses both Indra and Ahalya. He curses Ahalya saying, "You will become a stone form today on". She is relived from her curse when Lord Rama touches that stone. There are different versions but that's the gist. As soon as mom saw that she goes, "Lovely. Indra is the one who came disguised as her husband. How is she supposed to find out? Why is she being cursed?". Go Mom:). It's not like she didn't know this story before. She did but I guess now she started questioning it.

V is getting very good at removing his mittens and hiding them under his arms or under his legs. He doesn't like socks or blankets either. He started laughing really loud which made Amma ( Prabu's mom) very happy because she could hear him now on the phone. We cannot now cover V with ablanket without us being around or tucking it real tight under his hands. Wanna know why?

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