Apr 17, 2007

Rollin' Over

V rolled over yesterday. For real this time;). He is been doing it since, as soon as we lay him flat. He is able to get both his hands out and try to swim as well but gets frustrated in that position very soon.

In Telugu tradition we make this sweet called bobbatlu when kids roll over for the first time. Can't wait to make them when we get to Arizona. No point in doing it here without Prabu and Chaitu around:). Tradition reminds me I just realized we didn't have a naming ceremony, barasala or cradle ceremony for V. I am not sure why I didn't think of it(This is what happens when you have to name that kid in the hospital grrrrrr). Well, going forward I will make sure he gets the annaprasana and aksharabhyasam done:).

I couldn't update the blog yesterday as we had issues with the phone and internet because of the bad weather. Now everything is back to normal and all the roads are opened up too.

Prabu left for AZ on Sunday. As I type this, movers reached our apartment in Phoenix and are setting the stuff up. less work for me when I land:).

Here's a picture I took on Sunday before Prabu left.

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